ATO and Home Affairs Data Matching

by mapadmin : December 19th, 2017 ATO and DIBP

Australian visa processes are entering a new phase with ATO and Home Affairs Data Matching.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) have announced that they will commence collecting information from the Department of Home Affairs regarding visa holders.

As part of the Work Visa Changes Home Affairs had announced that they would commence collecting Tax File Numbers from some visa applicants from December 2018.

Who will the ATO collect information from?

The ATO will collect information from the following people:

  • Visa holders and Visa applicants
  • Sponsoring employers
  • Education providers
  • Migration Agents

Over the 3 year data collection period the ATO estimate that they will collect data from 20 million people.

When will the ATO collect information?

Data will be collected electronically by the ATO from visa applications and other applications and information submitted to Home Affairs.

The ATO will collect data in the following financial years:

  • 2017-18
  • 2018-19
  • 2019-20

What information will be collected?

The ATO have stated that they will collect the following information:

  • Address history for visa applicants and sponsors
  • Contact history for visa applicants and sponsors
  • All visa grants
  • Visa grant status by point in time
  • Migration agents (visa application preparer who assisted or facilitated the processing of the visa)
  • Address history for migration agents
  • Contact history for migration agents
  • All international travel movements undertaken by visa holders (arrivals and departures)
  • Sponsor details
  • Education providers (educational institution where a student visa holder intends to undertake their study)
  • Visa subclass

Why is ATO and Home Affairs data matching happening?

The ATO have stated that Home Affairs records will be electronically matched with data that the ATO already has available.

This will enable the ATO to identify non-compliance with tax and superannuation requirements.

The ATO will also be able to use the information to identify people who are ineligible to apply for an ABN.

The data matching will also support the ATO to manage compliance with Australia’s foreign investment rules.

How can I find out more about ATO and Home AFfairs Data Matching?

The Federal Government Gazette Notice announcing the data matching program can be accessed here.

Extensive additional information is available on the ATO website.

Appendix B of this document includes detail of exactly what data fields will be collected by the ATO from applications lodged with Home Affairs.

What if I have more questions?

If you have questions regarding the impact that ATO and Home Affairs data matching may have for your applications with DIBP, contact MyAusPath.

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