GTS Visa – Global Talent Scheme

by mapadmin : March 21st, 2018 GTS Visa

The new GTS Visa (Global Talent Scheme Visa) will allow Australian businesses to compete in the international skills market for workers in the tech industry.

The visa is aimed at established Australian businesses hiring tech talent and STEM Startup businesses looking for global workers with high tech skills and talents.

The visa commenced on 1 July 2018.

The GTS Visa is a 12 months pilot program.

Response from tech industry stakeholders to 457 visa changes and the introduction of the TSS visa have influenced the introduction of the Global Talent Scheme Visa.

The GTS visa allows businesses to:

  • sponsor highly skilled overseas workers
  • sponsor workers who have a niche skill set that is not covered by the exisiting TSS visa options
  • sponsor workers if no suitable Australian worker is available to fill the position.

The GTS Visa has two Streams:

Stream 1: GTS Visa Established Business Stream

  • Sponsors must be accredited
  • Sponsored workers must be highly skilled with cutting-edge skills
  • Sponsored workers must be contributing to innovation in an established business
  • Sponsored workers must be assisting the business and Australian workers to achieve excellence in their field.

Stream 2: GTS Visa Start-Up Stream

  • Allows technology based on STEM related Start-Up businesses to sponsor highly-skilled workers in an Australian Start-Up business.
  • This stream will allow new ideas, jobs, skills and technologies to be utilised in Australian Start-Ups.
  • Start-Ups must be endorsed by a Star-Up advisory panel
  • To be eligible, start-ups must have received an investment of at least AUD50,000 from an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership Investment Fund, OR have received an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

What else do I need to know?

  • This visa can be used if existing TSS visa provisions are not applicable
  • GTS Visa applicants will be granted a 4 year TSS visa
  • GTS Visa holders will be able to apply for PR after working for their nominating employer for 3 years holding a GTS visa
  • Established Business Stream Visa applicants will need to be paid minimum annual earnings equivalent to the Fair Work High Income Threshold ($145,400 at 1 July 2018)
  • Startup businesses will need to pay visa applicants minimum annual earnings at the market salary rate, and not less than $80,000.
  • Visa applicants will need to have qualifications commensurate with their highly skilled role and at least 3 years of work experience in their field
  • Sponsoring businesses need to show that they have tried to hire Australians for the positions
  • Established businesses can sponsor up to 20 GTS Visa holders per year
  • Startup businesses can sponsor up to 5 GTS Visa holders per year
  • Established businesses will need to be publicly listed or have a turnover of at least $4 million for the past two financial years
  • Established businesses will need to be endorsed TSS accredited sponsors
  • Visa holders will need to meet health, character and security requirements


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