Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

by mapadmin : November 1st, 2017

MyAusPath Grandparent VisaThe Australian Government announced on Friday 5 May 2017 that a new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa will be introduced.

As of August 2018 this visa has not yet commenced. This page will be updated when the visa is introduced.

Who can apply?

The visa will allow Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents and Eligible New Zealand Citizens to sponsor their parents or step parents to visit Australia for up to five years.

The visa will allow parents to travel to Australia and stay with family. It is designed to ensure cultural ties between family, and allow grandparents to stay connected with their family in Australia.

The visa is also an acknowledgment that there are very long wait times for other parent category visas.

What requirements do I need to meet?

To apply for this visa a person must be:

  • sponsored by their Australian child
  • meet health, identity and character requirements
  • not have any outstanding public health debt in Australia.

A person must hold and maintain suitable health insurance while they hold this visa.

The balance of family test does not apply and there is no English language requirement.

Only one set of parents can be sponsored per household at a time for this visa.

How do my children sponsor me?

Your children must be approved to sponsor you before you can apply for the visa.

To sponsor you your child must be a biological, adoptive or step child.

Your child must be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand Citizen.

They are also required to have been resident in Australia for at least four years, meet a household income requirement, meet character requirements and accept liability for any public health debt you accrue.

Temporary Residents will not be able to sponsor parents for this visa.

What will the visa cost?

If you apply for a 5 year visa the cost will be $10,000AUD.

A 3 year visa will cost $5,000AUD

How long will the visa last?

The visa will be valid for either 3 or 5 years.

You can apply for the visa more than once, but the maximum stay holding this visa is 10 years.

Let’s get started!

The Australian Government has not yet introduced this visa, as of August 2018.

They will announce when the visa is open to applicants.

Get in touch to talk so you can start your application when the visa opens.

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