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LINK Business NSW contacted MyAusPath in December 2015 to explore the possibility of sponsoring a current employee for a 457 visa.

As Business Brokers based in New South Wales with a large business broker team of industry specialists, LINK Business had made the call to bring in house their previously out sourced recruitment processes.

LINK Business conducted a recruitment campaign to hire a Recruitment Specialist. The successful applicant was a Working Holiday visa holder with significant experience as a Recruitment Consultant in the UK.

Once the successful applicant had commenced work, LINK Business were keen to retain the skills and experience of their employee, so decided to seek professional advice regarding their options and the 457 visa application process.

The Link Business team were keen to understand the process and requirements for applying for a 457 visa before making the commitment to go forward. They wanted to ensure that they met the application requirements to ensure the best possible chance of a successful outcome, and liaised extensively with MyAusPath so they were confident that the decision to apply was the right call for their business.

MyAusPath worked with LINK Business and with the visa applicant to ensure that the business understood their obligations as sponsors, and that the visa applicant understood the application process.

Link Business engaged MyAusPath to facilitate all three stages of the 457 visa application process – Standard Business Sponsorship, Nomination and the visa application.

The company had not previously sponsored any workers on 457 visas, so the first step of the process was to apply for Standard Business Sponsorship. Due to their commitment to training their staff, LINK Business were easily able to meet Training Benchmark requirements.

LINK Business then Nominated their employee for the position of Recruitment Consultant within the company. As Link Business do not employ any other staff in an equivalent position, the application included evidence that the nominee was being offered equivalent terms and conditions to the terms and conditions that would be offered to an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident doing the same job in the same location. Link Business also provided Labour Market Testing information, showing the process they had gone through to recruit the Nominee.

The final step in the process involved MyAusPath lodging the 457 visa application on behalf of the visa applicant. This included working with the applicant to collect the evidence that was required to meet 457 visa requirements, including the required employer references as evidence of her skills and experience as a recruitment consultant.

All three stages of the LINK Business 457 application were successful. Achieving this outcome gave Link Business the capacity to retain the skills of their employee.

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