How much do your services cost?

At MyAusPath we provide upfront, fixed fee quotes for our work. This means there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

We provide you with a Migration Services Agreement at the outset which outlines our Migration Agent fees and other relevant costs including Department of Immigration and Border Protection Visa Application Charges.

Why do I need a Migration Agent?

Australia has a wide variety of visas. Each visa has different and complex requirements. Visa requirements can change depending on your occupation, age, experience and country of citizenship.

While you are not required to use a Migration Agent to lodge an Australian visa application, our clients prefer to know that they are being assisted by a professional, ethical MARA Agent who is looking after their best interests.

Using a Migration Agent is similar to using a tax accountant to lodge a tax return, or a mechanic to fix your car. While you could do both of these things yourself, being represented by an expert gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Why are you different to other Migration Agents?

At MyAusPath we are proud of the professional, ethical Migration services that we offer to our clients.

MyAusPath clients have confidence in our services, knowing they are represented by Australian based, MARA Registered Australian Migration Agents.

I need to talk to someone. Can I talk to someone without needing to pay?

Yes. We are always willing to assist in this way, and many times our preliminary advice is all a person needs.

For questions regarding complex visa requirements we suggest clients book a consultation either face to face or via phone/skype.

I have run into visa trouble. Can you help?

Yes. If you are in Australia unlawfully or have had a visa refused or cancelled we are able to offer advice and assist you to understand your options. We are also able to assist with correspondence with DIBP.

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