Visa Compliance Cancellation and Refusal

Australian Migration Law gives the DIBP power to cancel or refuse visas in certain circumstances. These include visa applicants not meeting application criteria, character concerns, submission of bogus documents and visa holders not complying with visa conditions.

Visa cancellation and refusal can have serious consequences for visa applicants and visa holders, often limiting possibilities for future visa applications and requiring visa holders to leave Australia.

An Australian visa is a significant investment for many visa holders, and it is unfortunate when difficulties arise that could have been prevented by seeking professional advice.



S501 Character Cancellation

Cancellation or refusal of your visa on S501 Character grounds is extremely serious. Negative character decisions can result in visa holders being removed from Australia. Negative character decisions also prevent future valid visa applications from being lodged.

We offer professional assistance with responding to DIBP character notifications and a thorough analysis of your appeal options. It is critical to respond within the required timeframes.

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