For overseas workers with in demand skills, a TSS Visa is a great option

The TSS Temporary Skill Shortage Work Visa has replaced the well known Australian 457 work visa. International skilled workers who have an Australian employer to sponsor them are able to apply for the TSS visa if they have an occupation on the MLTSSL or STSSL. The TSS visa can be granted for 2 years, or 4 years for some occupations. The TSS is intended to enable Australian employers to meet changing skilled labour demands. For some occupations the TSS visa can be used as a pathway to permanent residency. Transitional PR arrangements are also available for some 457 visa holders.  


A complex process made easy

The MyAusPath team offer expert advice and assistance with the different requirements
for each of the three separate steps in the TSS visa application process.

STEP 1. Standard Business Sponsors

For an employer to sponsor workers for TSS visas they are firstly required to apply to become a Standard Business Sponsor. We assist employers with the process of applying to become a Standard Business Sponsor, and with meeting the continued employer obligations which apply to Standard Business Sponsors.

STEP 2. Employee Nomination

An employer who is a Standard Business Sponsor is able to nominate multiple positions for employees holding TSS visas. Employee Nomination is the second step in the TSS visa application process.

STEP 3. 457 Visa Application

A person who has been Nominated by an employer can apply for a TSS visa. We assist employees with the visa application process, including applying for Skills Assessment and health, English language and other requirements.

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The MyAusPath difference

At MyAusPath we know that investing in employees is investing in success. We are passionate about helping assist employers and employees to identify work visa pathways that will enable them to experience business and personal success.

We work collaboratively with employers and employees through each of the stages of the TSS visa application process, and the support we offer does not stop with visa grant.

Meeting visa conditions and sponsor obligations is crucial to ongoing success. We assist with ongoing compliance to enable employers and employees to continue to achieve their goals. We also assist eligible TSS visa holders to transition to permanent residency through the 186 or 187 Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

Our Industry knowledge and case-by-case approach
ensure the best results for each of our clients.

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